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"Thank you so much for the beautiful reading. I have listened to the recording a number of times, and each time I do, I hear something different, or something else drops a level in my understanding. I was so inspired by your knowledge and clarity that I have signed up to study with you on your philosophy course.” - Fiona C

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Advanced Teacher Training Modules

at the Elbow Room, Dublin 1 

These modules are for teachers who have completed a 200-hour foundation course. 

4-Day Philosophy Module:
"Fresh Perspectives on Life, the Universe and Everything"

19-22 January 2019. 9:30-17:30
Core module of the 500-hour Advanced Teacher Training Course at the Elbow Room, Dublin 1
Investment: €490
Book Online Now (directly with the Elbow Room)

If you have ever struggled to bring the magic and wonder yoga philosophy into your teaching this module is for you.

Yoga philosophy can dazzle, but it can also bewilder. Beneath all the theory, the concepts, the frameworks, the often-contradictory models and the seemingly incompatible ends of various traditions, is there anything we can really know for certain? Not know because someone told us it is true, but really understand.

Though this module will draw from the wisdom of tradition, the Yoga Sutras, the Bhagavad Gita, the Ashtavakra Gita, the Upanishads and the Puranas, you will encounter these themes in a highly experiential, eclectic process, aimed not at filling your head with more information but awakening your core essence to a whole new orientation towards reality.

In a safe space held for you with love and compassion, you will gain fresh insight into the concepts of enlightenment, ego, time and space, birth and death, cosmos and mind. You will be able to ask any question, express any doubt, raise any challenge, because our methodology will be razor-sharp, aimed at cutting deep into our basic assumptions without any pre-conceived agenda about what might remain.

Yoga above all is experiential, and our process will involve many practices. This module will ground you in mindfulness and meditation techniques, both moving and sitting. Though it includes some asana, it focuses on the higher limbs of yoga, as outlined above, as well as some Buddhist teachings, with all theory making sense in the context of daily experience.

2-Day Pranayama Module:

"Breath is the King of the Mind"

23-24 February, 2019. 9:30 to 17:30
Elective Module of the 500-hour Advanced Teacher Training Course at the Elbow Room, Dublin 1
Investment: €260
Book Online Now (directly with the Elbow Room)

Though this course will include some theory of pranayama according to the Yoga Sutras and Hatha Yoga Pradipika, it will focus upon practice. You will learn and practise advanced pranayama techniques, so it is suitable only for those who have a strong daily practice of yoga already. 

The course will cover: 

  • The main types of Pranayama, along with benefits and contraindications 
(complete breath, Ujjayi, Surya Bhedha, Nadi Shodhana, Kapalabhati, Bhastrika, Sithali/Sitkari, Bhramari, Samanu)
  • “The Four Purifications”: an elegant series of kriyas to cleanse and balance the subtle energy in the body, suitable for everyone
  • Extensive practice of advanced pranayama, bandhas, mudras, and hybrid techniques. How to integrate asana, pranayama, and meditation
  • A deeper understanding of the anatomy and physiology of breathing, including the subtle anatomy of nadis, prana, chakras and kundalini energy
  • Guidance towards working with students who have respiratory problems due to asthma, emphysema, bronchitis, cardiac disease or obesity; and correcting breathing irregularities, such as reverse breathing, uneven breathing, rapid breathing and chest breathing.
  • The breath as bridge between body and mind and pranayama as the fourth limb of yoga
  • Safety issues around the integration of advanced breathing practices into your yoga classes
  • Practice teaching sessions conducted in a supportive manner so that you can develop your own style of presentation


Meditation for the Month:

"The person to whom is unveiled the
mystery of love
Exists no longer, but vanishes into Love." --Rumi

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