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Shakti Rasa Yoga Workshop in Wexford

Saturday June 16th, 10am to 5:30pm
At Sadhana Yoga Studio, The Folly

“Fluid Body, Fluid Mind” 

Body and mind are not separate. They are a continuum. As the body becomes more fluid—flexible, energised, vibrant with life force energy—so too does the mind. Obstacles, mental blocks, stresses of all kind loosen their hold on us. They dissolve. Or we learn how to navigate through them. 

This workshop is a practice intensive. In it you will experience the full dimension of yoga practice: asana, pranayama, meditation and chanting.  “Shakti Rasa” literally means tasting the primal energy. You learn how to tap into the powerful reservoir of energy you contain and harness it for whatever you most need at this time. What happens on the mat has the power to transform your day-to-day life. 

Out of fluid body, fluid mind, LIFE FLOWS with a deeper harmony, with contentment, empowerment, acceptance and love. 


The day includes all of the following:

  • A vigorous asana practice in the Shakti Rasa style
  • Shakti Rasa sequences for fluidity
  • Pranayama session
  • Japa Meditation (chanting)
  • Silent Meditation
  • Deep Relaxation
  • Yoga Philosophy Talk: "Let Life Flow"

Though this workshop is not suitable for complete beginners, an advanced asana practice is certainly not a prerequisite either. Everything can be modified to suit the individual yogi.

Shakti Rasa Yoga developed from my own practice. It is an approach to practice that can be adapted to suit just about everyone. Inspired by the best of traditional yoga, Shakti Rasa Yoga awakens the voice of inner guru. It is intuitive, experiential, open-minded and inquisitive. It creates strong bodies, clear minds, open hearts. It purifies the subtle body of light, quite literally raising the vibration of your cells.

It is a practice for all seasons, all times of life.
A practice that develops fluidity of body and mind.
A practice that teaches you how to LET LIFE FLOW.   

DATE: SATURDAY June 16th, 2018

TIME:  10am - 5:30pm
COST: €85

Contact Linda O'Grady: 0873113100
for further information or to book your place.


Meditation for the Month:

"Thoughts come and go.
Feelings come and go.
Find out what it is that remains."
Ramana Maharshi

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