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  • Teaching kids with Puvi

    Teaching kids with Puvi
    (21 images)

  • Visiting Ramesh in Bombay

    Visiting Ramesh in Bombay
    (30 images)

  • Puglia retreat 2009

    Puglia retreat 2009
    (46 images)

  • Mysore 2007

    Mysore 2007
    (85 images)

image of durga

Meditation for the Month:

"Thoughts come and go.
Feelings come and go.
Find out what it is that remains."
Ramana Maharshi

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My Hymn to Surya: 
The blue light of morning holds a promise. The ancient rishis knew that. But don’t just believe it, investigate for yourself. It is happening for me right now in a most serendipitous way. My effort to protect my garden here in Sardinia from wild pigs has me up each morning well before dawn, inspecting the results . . .  (read more)