Blood Memories book

"Thank you so much for the beautiful reading. I have listened to the recording a number of times, and each time I do, I hear something different, or something else drops a level in my understanding. I was so inspired by your knowledge and clarity that I have signed up to study with you on your philosophy course.” - Fiona C

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  • Teaching kids with Puvi

    Teaching kids with Puvi
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  • Visiting Ramesh in Bombay

    Visiting Ramesh in Bombay
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  • Puglia retreat 2009

    Puglia retreat 2009
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  • Mysore 2007

    Mysore 2007
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Jaya Ganesha Pahimam!

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From Equinox to Equinox
March 2024
My latest predictions

As 2024 begins, it’s fruitful to recall the Saturn-Jupiter Conjunction of 2020, because it inaugurated a major shift, a turning-point in history, which will come into clarity better with a bit of distance. It was a triple-conjunction occurring at the winter solstice, so extra powerful. The previous triple-conjunction in earth occurred in Virgo in 1980-81, inaugurating the Information Age . . .  Read article on blog