Blood Memories book

"Thank you so much for the beautiful reading. I have listened to the recording a number of times, and each time I do, I hear something different, or something else drops a level in my understanding. I was so inspired by your knowledge and clarity that I have signed up to study with you on your philosophy course.” - Fiona C

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  • Teaching kids with Puvi

    Teaching kids with Puvi
    (21 images)

  • Visiting Ramesh in Bombay

    Visiting Ramesh in Bombay
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  • Puglia retreat 2009

    Puglia retreat 2009
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  • Mysore 2007

    Mysore 2007
    (85 images)

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Meditation for the Month:

"The person to whom is unveiled the
mystery of love
Exists no longer, but vanishes into Love." --Rumi

Latest Blog: “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing,” my Jyotish mentor warned me. Just like in the parable of the blind man and the elephant, you can’t know the whole from touching only a tiny part. When I first discovered Vedic Astrology, I knew I’d found a subject to challenge me for the rest of my life. The more I continue to investigate it, the more complex and astonishing it becomes. Truly, this learning has no end, because “the mood of God”, read on