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"Thank you so much for the beautiful reading. I have listened to the recording a number of times, and each time I do, I hear something different, or something else drops a level in my understanding. I was so inspired by your knowledge and clarity that I have signed up to study with you on your philosophy course.” - Fiona C

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"I love your writing and all that you bring to your teachings. You remain the most inspirational teacher I have ever had and you are most definitely responsible for igniting my deep love of Yoga and Advaita Vedanta."
Orla Fitzgerald

"It is said that the teacher appears when the student is ready. This is so the case with me finding Marianne. I had been practising yoga for nine years prior to discovering Marianne, but my passion for it had somewhat diminished after the birth of two children very close together. Well boy did Marianne reignite it – I’m now practising with her for three years and have never been so “in love” with yoga. She is the genuine article, her passion, her knowledge and her belief and love for all aspects of yoga is so inspiring. Through Marianne I have not only improved on the mat, but also off the mat. I am now doing her intensive yoga year for the second time as she has so much knowledge inside her I know I will always remain a truly faithful and dedicated student of hers. She is a true guru, an inspiration and I cannot express how blessed I feel to have “found” her. Seven Winds is India in Monkstown!"    Yvonne Treacy

"There’s something magical about Marianne’s beautiful, warm and welcoming yoga space behind her home in Monkstown. As soon as you walk through the door, the outside world seems to drop away and an air of peace and calm prevails. When I first discovered Marianne, I was looking for a good teacher and a strong, weekly yoga class. I never imagined that within a few years, Ashtanga yoga would play such a huge role in my life. Marianne is an inspirational teacher with an impeccable yoga CV – we’re very lucky to have her here in Ireland. I fell in love with the practice under her expert, patient and loving guidance, slowly (very slowly!) developing a daily practice, then a meditation practice, and finally making the decision to train to teach Ashtanga yoga full time and leave my old career behind. In 2009, I also completed the Seven Winds Yoga Practice and Philosophy Intensive. Marianne’s passion for yogic philosophy shines through her teaching, and she somehow manages to make this vast and sometimes dense subject engaging and accessible to her students. I loved the way the course took me beyond the physical practice, and gave me a much deeper understanding of the true meaning of yoga."                 Rionach O'Flynn

"In 2009 I studied the Intensive Yoga Training course with Marianne in her beautiful studio. I can truly say that I have rarely come across a teacher who is so inspiring, knowledgeable and willing to share that knowledge with students. I have no hesitation in recommending Marianne to anyone who wants to deepen their knowledge and practice of yoga."  Helen Fletcher

"Seven winds yoga is a special place. A nurturing space with wonderful healing energy. Having lived abroad on and off over the last decade one of my favourite things about being home is being able to come to Marianne's classes. Her teaching comes from a place of love and true understanding, and you can see and feel it in her and in her classes. Yoga has helped me in so many ways in my life. Opening, strengthening and balancing on a spiritual, emotional, mental and physical level, and having Marianne as a teacher has made it all the more powerful and transformative." 
Alyanya Massey

"I've been attending Seven Winds for the past six years, and it has served as a constant haven of serenity and renewal during a time of great change in my personal life: buying a home, becoming a mother to two children, losing my job, and, most recently, training to become a yoga teacher. Having attended Marianne's hatha classes and pregnancy classes, I embarked upon the journey of Ashtanga yoga under her excellent tutelage and found that the rhythm, energy and flow of the Mysore practice had so much to offer. The more yoga I did, the more I wanted to learn, and in 2008, I decided to participate in the Intensive Course, which allowed me to explore yoga philosophy, pranayama and meditation techniques in great detail, along with furthering my knowledge of the Primary and Intermediate series. Marianne is a truly inspirational teacher who not only teaches yoga but embodies yoga in her own life. Although my own schedule has become very busy now that I am teaching yoga classes, I continue to return to Seven Winds at every available opportunity, as it is a unique, sacred space that offers an authentic experience of yoga. This year, I'm looking forward to joining Marianne on retreat in Puglia to indulge in a week of yoga, sunshine and good food in the beautiful Italian countryside. The journey continues .....thank you Marianne and Seven Winds!"  Lara Dunlea

"I first attended one of Marianne's yoga classes while pregnant with my son. I immediately knew that there was something unique and very special about Marianne's teaching style. Over seven years later, I am still coming back for more! Marianne is a truly inspiring teacher. She has helped me to change my practice from a purely physical endeavour to something that is central in my life. I attended her retreat in Puglia, which was a magical, peaceful, inspiring and restorative experience. It is something that I would highly recommend. It made me want to explore more deeply the history and philosophy of yoga, something that I am now doing in Marianne's yoga intensive course. Were it not for Marianne, I would not now be experiencing the true transformative power of yoga in my everyday life."  Orla Fitzgerald

"Marianne is a wonderful, insightful and warm teacher, whose authentic practice is hugely inspiring and who teaches from the heart; while at the same time her knowledge of yoga history, philospohy and sutra is vast and deep. I feel very privileged to call Marianne my teacher."  Sue Lynch

"Marianne has been my first Ashtanga Yoga teacher and I got hooked to yoga since. Her style of teaching is warm and loving with a depth of experience and insight. She has encouraged me to go further than I thought I can go and she has been there to help me. Since moving back to my home country Germany, I am always looking forward to soak up Marianne's inspiration and motivation as well as the good vibes of the whole group at her retreats in mainland Europe. See you in Puglia! You're just a part of it, you got to get to the heart of it, if you don't go you won't know."
Monika Lanzl

"I really found a special spiritual aspect, as well as that extra depth, that I had been looking for in my yoga practice/studies when I joined Marianne's classes. Going on retreat to Italy was a wonderfully memorable experience, which encouraged me to do the one year intensive this year. Practising with Marianne has had a profoundly transformative impact on my life." 
Brigitte Miller

"I did Astanga with Marianne for many years in Monkstown. I loved the space and energy we shared. Marianne is an intuitive and wise teacher - she instinctively knows the challenges each body can face. When I think back to that time, I remember her arms gently coaxing me into a posture (usually the twists) and both of us breathing in unison. Arms I could always trust and relax into. Astanga was the first step for me and I was lucky to have had such a wonderful teacher to guide me, and for that I will always be grateful."
Siobhan O'Keefe

"I started going to Marianne's Hatha yoga class about seven years ago. I always liked the small group, and the room had a healing quality. We formed a strong teachers' group and worked very hard, but I was always glad I went. We used to go to Monkstown for lunch, and the wonderful chats we had over lunch after opening our bodies are very precious to me. Then about three years ago, after the birth of my fourth child and while I was still breast feeding, I started Ashtanga yoga with Marianne. During those times I found it really challenging, especially with a newborn. But I began to feel the benefits, and with more practice it became less difficult. The encouragement I received from Marianne kept me coming back, and her room became my sanctuary from my busy schedule. It was an oasis in Monkstown. As a Yoga teacher myself, I also loved being a student on the mat and needed the nourishment from the yoga to bring to my own teaching. I am currently doing a Yoga philosophy course with Marianne. Again, the small group, heat of the room and relaxed atmosphere all add to a very nurturing environment. I hope to be coming for as long as I can. Thanks Marianne!"  Dee O'Rourke

"Before starting with Marianne I sought Yoga for its physical benefits of flexibility, mobility and general well-being. Since completing the intensive yoga course I now see Yoga as meditation through movement, as a means to still the mind of distractions and truly live in the moment. Marianne opens your body, mind and spirit to the world of yoga."
Marianne McCabe

"Yoga means many different things to different people. To me it means it means peace. If you are not at peace you are not doing yoga. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Marianne you are such a special teacher !!!" 
Siobhan Murphy


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March 2024
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As 2024 begins, it’s fruitful to recall the Saturn-Jupiter Conjunction of 2020, because it inaugurated a major shift, a turning-point in history, which will come into clarity better with a bit of distance. It was a triple-conjunction occurring at the winter solstice, so extra powerful. The previous triple-conjunction in earth occurred in Virgo in 1980-81, inaugurating the Information Age . . .  Read article on blog