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"Thank you so much for the beautiful reading. I have listened to the recording a number of times, and each time I do, I hear something different, or something else drops a level in my understanding. I was so inspired by your knowledge and clarity that I have signed up to study with you on your philosophy course.” - Fiona C

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How Jyotish Can Enhance Your Life

So what can a reading do for me? Many Westerners have a negative view of astrology, thinking it is some kind of "fortune telling". It is anything but that. Jyotish is both a precise science and a sophisticated art. It sheds light upon all aspects of life, revealing what is and showing what can be.

The unique pattern of vibrations which is YOU belongs seamlessly to the cosmic dance of planets and stars. Knowledge of this reality is power. As your destiny unfolds through time, you participate at every moment, both consciously and unconsciously, in the shaping of karma. Which way to go? What to do? Why this suffering? How to cope? When will things change? Where can I find peace? Jyotish is a powerful tool that can illuminate the path, enhancing your life with its many gifts.

Insight: A natal chart reading provides a portrait of the karma of your soul. This is a map of the particular cosmic configuration at the moment of your birth, a blueprint in a sense, of your deep soul essence. A reading gives you insight into your psychology. The particular dharma or purpose of your life becomes clear. You learn the "why" of your life, and with that understanding comes profound acceptance of your unique gifts and challenges, as well as practical knowledge about how to work with them.

Clarity: Jyotish brings clarity to the sometimes very rocky road of life. The planets and stars are continually moving, mirroring the ups and downs of life. Jyotish can clarify how the specific planetary transits are impacting you, based upon your birth chart and the dasa cycles you are running. Everyone's birth chart is unique, so everyone experiences planetary movements in a different way. You see why a particular time might be auspicious or inauspicious for certain activities. You learn how to avert dangers to come. You learn how to work with your karma rather than against it.

Guidance: Jyotish can serve as a life-coaching or counselling tool. After an initial natal chart reading, you can bring your life questions to Jyotish. An understanding of the current planetary energies can illuminate your path, helping you make decisions and find solutions to problems, supporting you through the rough times, assisting you in timing important events (muhurta) for more auspicious outcomes, and guiding you with deeper understanding of how to work with the karmic hand you have been dealt.

Empowerment: Whatever may be going on in your life, Jyotish can empower you. Remember, knowledge is power. Jyotish means light, and light is vidya (spiritual truth, opposite of avidya, which is spiritual ignorance). When your action becomes rightly aligned with the corresponding planetary energy, it gains momentum, becoming efficacious instead of dissipated. All areas of life can benefit from this: career, marriage, finance, health, education, family . . . everything. Yet ultimately this power serves its highest purpose in the evolution and refinement of your soul.

Hope: Jyotish can help you "see" your life as a purposeful expression of divine consciousness. Out of this understanding, hope flows. Even though you may be overwhelmed by pain and suffering, Jyotish can uplift you, showing where and when radiance will dispel the darkness. Everything belongs to a greater purpose, and Jyotish can make that clearer. Not only can it provide you with tools to develop your highest potential, but also with an understanding of the true self, unbounded by ego identity. It is this understanding that creates unshakeable hope and trust.

Practical Tools: A Jyotish reading can recommend to you specific remedies to counter the negative effects of certain karmic patterns. These are ancient and efficacious tools like gemstones, mantras, pujas, spiritual practices and life-style changes. Though the karma of your birth chart is a given, you participate in its unfolding through time. What you do can and does make a difference, and Jyotish points the way to right action in life.

Joy: Whether a natal chart reading or subsequent reading on specific life issues, a Jyotish session should leave you feeling joyous. Understanding the "who, what, why and how" of your life path, and seeing it all in the larger context of divine destiny bring peace and acceptance to the soul. A life guided by the penetrating eye of Jyotish is a life in harmony with itself and the cosmos.

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