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Seven Winds Yoga 


"By yoga, yoga must be known,
Through yoga, yoga advances.
He who cares for yoga
In yoga rests forever."

Yoga with Marianne 

Marianne teaches the full dimension of yoga through retreats, workshops and courses.
You can learn more about her style of teaching here.
You can see what is up-coming here.
As the essence of daily life is change, she is taking an extended sabbatical from teaching regular terms. She invites all former students to join her in this new format, coming together to learn in a group, then taking it away into your own practice to deepen and grow.

Moon Days

Here you can find the yearly calendar of Moon Days, the exact time of each Full and New Moon, calculated for GMT and taking into account the months of GMT +1 (summer time). According to the tradition of ashtanga yoga, Moon Days are a time for rest from strong asana. Marianne honours these days, because punctuating time according to natural cycles has an inherent logic to it.

Yogic Recipes

Many retreats and courses at Seven Winds Yoga in Monkstown have included food. Here are some favourite yogic recipes that past groups have requested. For the extraordinary food you will enjoy on Marianne’s Puglia retreat, there is nothing to share, because those are secrets of that magical place. But you can go to Puglia with Marianne and experience there for yourself the incredible power of FOOD to enhance your yogic journey!   

Meditation for the Month:

"Thoughts come and go.
Feelings come and go.
Find out what it is that remains."
Ramana Maharshi

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