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Extraordinary Happenings

2020 changed the world  . . . and it’s not over yet! A dramatic finale is lining up in the heavens, promising more transformation for 2021. Before the end of the year, we have a total solar eclipse happening precisely at the most sensitive degree of the zodiac, an exact conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter, not seen with that exactitude since the Middle Ages, and fiery Mars transiting over the second most sensitive point of the zodiac. What follows are my thoughts on what all this might mean for you and the rest of the world. My advice in advance: don’t unfasten your seat belt just yet, my friend!

A solar eclipse happens at New Moon when Rahu and Ketu (the Nodes of the Moon) block the light of the Sun. An eerie shadow creeps over the earth, and our life force hangs in suspense. Surya (the Sun) generates prana, the life force that sustains the entire manifestation, both physical and subtle. When sunlight is extinguished, even for a few hours, the earth receives a jolt, a kind of electrical shock, with after effects lasting long past the eclipse phase.

The exact degree of an eclipse becomes a celestial hot spot, triggering something tremendous— marvellous or cataclysmic depending on its position and alignment. And for weeks (sometimes months) afterwards, other planets transiting over that degree point reignite the effect. The Solar Eclipse of 26 Dec 2019 did just that. It set off a complex celestial alignment that propelled the world into the Covid-19 pandemic.

This Monday, 14 December 2020, the total solar eclipse occurs in Scorpio, a mysterious sign indicating dark secrets, occult knowledge, serpent power, perception, death and transformation. A total of five planets will be conjunct in that medium—Sun, Moon, Ketu, Mercury and Venus. All will be infused with the quality of Scorpio, sign of fixed water. Just like a swamp, Scorpio denotes dark murky waters which engulf, concealing the unknown within their impenetrable shadows. The eclipse will release this energy, according to the nature of the planets therein.  

At 16.13 GMT, when the exact eclipse begins, Sun and Moon will be together at 28° Scorpio, nearly the end of the sign, where water (Scorpio) moves into fire (Sagittarius). Known as Gandanta in Jyotish, a water-fire junction occurs at three places along the zodiac, each a point precipitating turbulence, trauma and transformation. Material difficulties, internal struggles, and sudden events all can arise from planets in gandanta. Of all the three, the transition from Scorpio to Sagittarius is the most treacherous, yet also the most transformative—potentially. Being an indicator of life, death and rebirth, Scorpio intensifies whatever is ripe for transformation. Scorpio gandanta evokes the image of drowning, a fall into the deep—with all the pain and loss that signifies. Yet emerging from that pit afterwards, something new and totally unexpected comes into being.  

That’s the phenomenon we’re looking at with this solar eclipse. Ketu, planet of both loss and liberation, will be at 25° Scorpio, along with Mercury, also at 25°, creating with with Sun and Moon at 28° a very tight conjunction.. All four of those planets will reside in the Nakshatra (lunar constellation) of Jyeshta, ruled by Mercury. The deity Indra presides over Jyeshta, with the Sudarshana chakra balancing on his forefinger. That invincible disc of the devas—both mysterious weapon and symbol of the coiled Kundalini—represents the shakti or force behind Jyeshta. 

Something Mercurial is bound to be released. For you personally, the state of Mercury in your horoscope and the proximity of any planets to this gandanta point determine how this energy will manifest. For the world at large, consider that Mercury governs communication, and in our contemporary world that means digital technology and the media. He indicates discriminating intellect, the power to discern truth from lies. As we move into 2021, I expect certain truths will come into the light. Perhaps the mysterious origin of the coronavirus will be exposed, the obfuscations of politics, distortions of the media, and manipulation of public opinion revealed for the true motives behind it all. Scorpio holds secrets, and with Mercury so prominent, truth could be tested in a very public way. As the eclipse triggers this energy and revelations unfold, the shaping of a new world order could begin in 2021.  

The Saturn-Jupiter Conjunction in Capricorn provides the longer-term backdrop for this transition. These two giants come together every twenty years, initiating trends that shape history and characterise generations. I wrote about this conjunction in a blog last year. Right now, it’s about to become exact, in a manner not seen since the Middle Ages. Yes, we’re looking at a major historical shift! 

On December 21st, Saturn and Jupiter will conjunct at 6.20° Capricorn. Longitudinal alignment of planets always determines conjunctions. But in addition this year—and not since 1226—Saturn and Jupiter will coincide according to declination (latitude) as well AND be visible from most of the earth. Astronomers are calling it the Christmas Star, because it’s most likely that the Star the Magi (i.e.astrologers!) followed to Bethlehem was a similarly brilliant planetary conjunction. In addition, it’s highly significant for Jyotish that this extraordinary event is happening precisely at the Winter Solstice, darkest day of the year. The Winter Solstice adds confluence to the power of Saturn, planet of darkness. For Saturn becomes extra strong in Capricorn, whereas Jupiter weakens. 

When Jupiter moves out of Capricorn in March 2021, Saturn remains—for a total of two and a half years—continuing his work. As moveable (chara) earth, Capricorn supports the building of new structures and systems. Saturn’s sojourn in Capricorn indicates not just the economic contraction we’ve experienced this year with Jupiter weak, but a longer-term implementation of controls, organisation, and social structures the likes of which we’ve never seen before. 

At both the eclipse and the conjunction, all planets except Venus reside on one half of the zodiac, bound between Rahu and Ketu. Then on January 1st, Venus enters into that axis. Jyotish calls this phenomenon a Kalasarpa Yoga, which means literally “serpent of time”. Except for the Moon’s periodic entry and exit, this Kalasarpa Yoga will last until the end of March. So for the first quarter of 2021, all planets—in other words all the various archetypal energies which comprise manifest reality—will be caught in the serpent of time. It’s another indication of unusual happenings ahead. 

In addition to all that, Mars enters the gandanta point between Pisces (water) and Aries (fire) around Christmas. Because of his retrograde pattern, Mars has been in Pisces or Aries since 19 June 2020, so he’s passed over this point already in the last few months, triggering some of the volatile events of this second wave of the coronavirus. A fiery, incisive energy, Mars ignites with sudden, swift action. His transition over this sensitive juncture, the alpha-omega point where Pisces (culmination) touches Aries (creation) adds another layer of confluence to the likelihood of something monumental taking shape as this extraordinary year of 2020 comes to a close. 

However, as much as these powerful alignments portend a shakeup in physical reality, so do they also offer rare opportunity for spiritual evolution. Eclipses and gandanta are liminal places, where the veils between the two worlds are thin. As things break down in mundane reality, so do the doors to the subtle realms open. It is not a surprise that the birth charts of most spiritual masters and saints feature these themes. So do not be afraid! Whatever is happening belongs to the Divine Plan, and you will play your part. To take best advantage of these extraordinary alignments, step up your practice, especially for the next few weeks. Yoga, meditation and particularly mantra provide optimal spiritual fortification. And so does seva—compassionate, selfless service. These tools—along with knowledge—are the finest remedies of Jyotish, appropriate for you if your heart yearns for spiritual illumination. 

Om shanti 🙏

2 thoughts on “Extraordinary Happenings”

  1. Thank you so much for this Marianne. It is so interesting (even though I didn’t understand the half of it) and makes me feel so expansive, knowing that the divine intelligence is at play. I will be meditating in the ocean where I feel most at home, at 16.13 today. Om shanti.

    1. That’s wonderful, Brigitte. Divine intelligence we can always trust. What a beautiful way for you to honour the eclipse, in the ocean, which is the heart, the womb, the mind of Divine Mother. I do believe you are still in Norway? Meditating in those cold northern waters, you already know about trust! Om Shri Durgayai Namah! Om shanti xx

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